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AT ORWELL QUAY: EXTENDED till 31st of March 2020

OPEN EVERY DAY from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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NOAH’S ARK is the world’s only floating exhibition of Bible stories

Covering 2,000 square metres and 4 floors, the biblical stories are brought to life through an array of unique wooden carved sculptures, the centre of which is the tree of life growing 12 metres up through the middle of the ship. 

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Test your Bible knowledge.
Which stories are portrayed here?

  • bijbelverhaal samson en delilahbijbelverhaal samson en delilah

    This story tells about Samson and Delilah. You can read it in the bible in the book of judges 16:1-31

    What scene are we looking at here?
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  • Koning SalomoKoning Salomo

    This story is known as the Solomon judgment. You can find this story of the wise king of Israel in the bible at 1 kings 3:3-28, 4:29-34

    Which stories are portrayed here?
    (Hover over the photo for the answer)

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